Illustration for Good Times’ ‘On Thin Ice’ AW20–SS21 (2020)

Photographs: Mò Shēng Rén 陌生人

Illustration, Clothing

Referencing the iconic pre-photoshop era cover art of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here by Storm Thorgerson, the scene where Mark Renton relapses in Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting as well as Kurt Cobain’s letter to Courtney Love in his final moments, ‘On Thin Ice’ encapsulates 2020’s unprecedented pandemic in a nutshell.

Good Times is a homegrown casual menswear label that strives to create stalwart garments that blend the classics and functionality while celebrating movies and music and promoting the culture. The collection, ‘On Thin Ice’, is inspired by 2020’s unprecedented pandemic and how the world has had to accept and adjust to the new normal. The movie Trainspotting by Danny Boyle and Pink Floyd’s album, Wish You Were Here were relevant and pivotal during their time as well as right now; with similarities in describing hopelessness and emptiness.