To most #IRL stands for #InRealLife, but in this case, it stands for #InternetRealityLife. This make-believe company provides products to millenials who would like to ‘improve’ their online personas. The products sold by this company can boost one’s online persona emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially, occupationally, environmentally and spiritually. Each of the products are tailored specifically to improving their personas. So when a customer purchases the product/s, they are able to show off/fabricate their social media personas the way they would like to. This company is shining a light on how millennials are technologically-influenced and are pressured to be perceived in a certain way on social media, specifically Instagram. The aim is for the audience to reflect and reconsider their social media habits.

Collaterals include visual identity, packaging design, art direction and photography, catalogue design, illustration and copywriting. Done in collaboration with Cindy Chang.

Alternate logos

Namecard design

Product labels

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness— Season 1
The seven dimensions of wellness include Social (‘I have more followers than you’ Instagram mirror), Emotional (‘I smell better than your lover’ eau de parfum), Spiritual (‘I have have found my inner peace from some rock’ crystals), Environmental (‘I save the world by eating veggies’ bag), Physical (‘I smoke because it’s cool’ cigarettes), Occupational (‘I graduated from CSM’ diploma) and Intellectual (‘I don’t need to study to get A+’ pills) wellness.

Product catalogue

‘I have more followers than you’ Instagram mirror — Social Wellness

Ability to relate to and connect with other people in the world.
We know social media is life and life is social media. That shit’s important. So by owning this selfie mirror, you won’t need to worry about not getting enough followers or likes, or followers. Be the cool kid from school. Bruh, Riri liked your photo, what’s there to say?

Labels and warnings
‘I smell better than your lover’ eau de parfum — Emotional Wellness

Ability to acknowledge and share them feels.
Have a crush on someone? And that someone has a significant other? SPray this on and your crush will get heart eyes for you and worship you. We don’t judge. This perfume works for any being. We don’t test on animals so this could work on dogs too.

Labels and directions of use

‘I have found my inner peace from some rocks’ crystal
— Spiritual Wellness

Ability to establish peace and harmony in life.
We can’t promise that these crystals have any effect at all but like, they’re pretty and being in possession of them makes you seem other-worldly. You could do loads with them! We’d suggest putting them on your face and getting a photo for the ‘gram.

‘I save the world by eating veggies’ bag — Environmental Wellness

Ability to make a positive impact on the quality of our environment.
Ariana Grande became a full vegan back in 2013, so if you’re still a meat-eater in 2018, that’s not cool at all. You must know that animals are friends not food. Besides, we should love animals more than people, not kidding. Your ideal breakfast should be a bowl of oats and berries or a gluten-free, dairy-free banana walnut cake. A Wholefood’s diet can extend your lifespan and make you an all-round happier person. #veganlife

Nutrition facts and directions of use

‘I smoke because it’s cool’ cigarettes
— Physical Wellness

Ability to maintain a healthy quality of life. NAH. Be cool instead.
Smoking is cool. You’re cool if you smoke. What else is there to say?

‘I graduated from CSM’ diploma — Occupational Wellness

Ability to get personal fulfilment from your job or chosen career field while still maintaining balance.
Who doesn’t want to be a Central Saint Martin’s graduate? One of the best art schools in the world. By having this title, you can walk into any art gallery like a boss. You can one-up your friends like you’re the most profoound and artistic one in your gang. Kanye couldn’t even get in and he’s Yeezus, for crying out loud!

Labels and warnings
‘I don’t need to study to get A+’ pills — Intellectual Wellness

Ability and desire to learn, improve and face challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning.
Studying is for those who aren’t smart enough. These pills are designed for those ‘do not want to study but still want an A+’ student like you. Two a day, after lunch and dinner. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get a good grade, but we promise that by taking our pills, you can have the most effortless ‘I don’t f*ck with school’ face when you walk into the classroom.

Ideation sketch